Brackett Green® Automatic Tube Cleaning System

Removing scale from heat exchangers and condenser tubes is costly and labor-intensive. The productivity lost during such downtime can never be recovered. The Brackett Green® automatic tube cleaning system (ATCS) eliminates maintenance costs associated with chemical/offline cleaning. By injecting appropriately sized elastomer balls into the tubes, the ATCS wipes them clean of deposits. This simple system improves plant performance; increases service life and minimize maintenance costs.
  • Continuous on-line cleaning or pigging of the tubes
  • Maintain a higher heat transfer coefficient
  • Low pressure drop
  • Reduce tube corrosion and tube failure caused by fouling and scaling
  • Can be manufactured to ASME, Nuclear, Power & Petrochemical industry codes and standards

Flexibility has been built in to the Brackett Green® automatic tube cleaning system (ATCS) to tackle problems in both high and low temperature applications and in all types of tubes (including stainless steel, titanium and copper-based alloy). Plant engineers can select continuous, intermittent or manual cleaning cycles, in addition to monitoring the number of balls in circulation to judge the quantity of worn balls that will no longer be effective.

  • Highly reliable
  • Reduced maintenance requirements
  • Ovivo’s experience in various applications across a wide range of industries ensures proper application and design
  • Designed to meet industry standards
  • Custom designed equipment reduces installation costs

Presence of scale and fouling reduces the heat exchanger and condenser heat transfer coefficient and reduces its efficiency and heat duty. Productivity lost during tube-cleaning downtime can never be recovered. Mechanical cleaning demands outage time, while chemical cleaning to control fouling and scaling is both environmentally unsound and hazardous for workers. Both are costly, time-consuming, labor-intensive and must be performed over and over again.

The Brackett Green® automatic tube cleaning system (ATCS) pays for itself through increased heat energy transfer efficiency and higher plant production. It eliminates maintenance costs associated with offline cleaning because downtime is no longer required for mechanical or chemical cleaning methods. The ATCS also reduces corrosion, prevents tube failures and eliminates the cost of hazardous, continuous chemical treatment.

Ovivo’s simple and highly effective Brackett Green® automatic tube cleaning system (ATCS) is an innovative solution to eliminate tube contaminants.

The ATCS injects elastomer rubber balls that are slightly larger than the tube diameter into the water supply line so that the flow of cooling water forces them through the condenser tubes. The balls wipe the tubes clean of deposits including silt, scale and biological fouling. A strainer section in the cooling water outlet extracts the balls and a centrifugal pump moves them into a collector section ready for the next cycle. Balls can be circulated continuously or intermittently to suit the individual plant with negligible pressure drop.

A differential pressure monitor displays pressure drop across the strainer section, while patented vortex and turbulence promoters at the strainer outlet point ensure ball recovery. The screens can also be backwashed to clear accumulated debris as necessary.

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