Brackett Green® Cable Hauled Raking Screen

With a standard lifting capacity of 500kg and the ability to clean screens up to 5m deep, in channels between 10m and 30m wide, the Brackett Green® cable hauled raking screen is ideal for large capacity coarse screens. The raking machine is deck-mounted and incorporates lifting and pivoting drive units that operate the rake skip carriage. The raking machine is capable of servicing many bar screens or it can be dedicated to cleaning just one. Operation can be manual, semi or fully automatic.
  • High Debris Handling Capacity
  • Proven Technology
  • Low Maintenance
  • Fully Automatic
  • Robust construction

The Brackett Green® cable hauled raked bar screen is a reliable, robust system designed to keep your raw water intake clean of debris all year long, even in high flow seasons and is very well suited for algae, grass and other floating, fibrous debris.

  • Can be supplied as either a dedicated machine per bar screen or one machine can service a number of bar screens
  • Simple, robust design for raking coarse bar screens

The Brackett Green® cable hauled raked bar screen is a well-proven technology with an exhaustive worldwide install base. Our experts will design this equipment to meet all your plant requirements and specifications.

Cable hauled raking screens have a 500kg lifting capacity as standard, which is particularly beneficial where large amounts of debris are expected.

Cable hauled raking bar screens are suitable for bar screens between 1m to 5m wide, bar spacing between 50 to 150mm and channel depths of 10m to 30m.