Brackett Green® Single Entry Drum Screen

Brackett Green® single entry drums screens utilize a rack and pinion drive instead of the chains and rollers commonly used in other drum screens. The A-frame construction provides a light but rigid structure, ideal for seismic requirements. The patented mesh panels and full-contact seals ensure zero bypassing and complete retention and removal of screenings while eliminating hair-pinning or stapling. The units can handle flow rates up to 800 MGD.

Brackett Green® single entry drum screens are a robust, cost-efficient fine screening solution for a wide range of applications. They provide exceptional value due to unsurpassed longevity, with low maintenance and operating costs.

Brackett Green_ Single Entry Drum Screen_IMG_2

  • Single entry drum screens are capable of flow rates up to 800 MGD.
  • Capable of handling seasonal fluctuations in flow rates and depths of flow.
  • Contact seals provide for ultra-fine screening apertures as small as 0.2mm with zero bypassing of screenings or debris.
  • Circular frame design and wide panels minimize headloss.
  • Rack and pinion drive assemblies reduce energy consumption and provide high reliability with low maintenance requirements.

The Brackett Green® single entry drum screen elimination of the chains, rollers, pins, bushings and seal fins commonly found in traditional drum screens, reduces both the energy use and maintenance required in keeping equipment in service.

  • The proprietary, full contact seals ensure zero bypassing and complete retention and removal of screenings greater than the screen aperture, guaranteeing the highest screenings capture ratio in the industry.
  • Brackett Green drum screens utilize a 9.0mm thick, proprietary and patented ProPaPanel®, which is proven to eliminate hair pinning, or stapling from hair and fibrous debris. Tapered holes minimize potential plugging of the holes from wedged debris and kitchen grease. Screen panels of steel or other metallic mesh with slots or plastic panels of lesser thickness may reduce, but not eliminate hair pinning and often require brush cleaners, greater wash water pressures, water volume and increased service and maintenance.
  • The drum screen’s internal hopper receives screenings that are flushed out by an end-pipe wash water nozzle to external troughing, providing an unimpeded flow out of the screen for dewatering.
  • All Brackett Green drum screens incorporate a substantial bearing assembly and a solid, high tensile steel shaft to support the screen for both durability and long-term operation.
  • The A-frame construction provides a light, but rigid structure that is suitable when constructed in stainless steel that must be seismically qualified.

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