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In August 1998, Copa purchased the Intellectual Property Rights of E Tomkinson & Co Ltd. This acquisition substantially increased the Copa portfolio of products.

Closely following the acquisition of Tomkinson’s, Copa acquired the Kubota license for membrane bioreactors, as part of the acquisition of Aquator. This acquisition firmly sealed the process offering capabilities built upon the successful CopaSAF packaged wastewater treatment designed in 1992.

20 years going, CopaSAF is still one of the UK’s favoured wastewater treatment solutions.

Copa Products Ltd (formerly Pipeline Equipment Ltd or PEL) was formed in 1980. It operated as Sales Agents into the Industrial Process industry for pumps, valves and other equipment.

In 1987 the company purchased from Southern Water the rights of an innovative screening system widely known today as the Copasac® technology.  This move had the effect of launching Pipeline Equipment Ltd (PEL) into the Wastewater Industry with it’s own product. PEL was renamed Copa (Control of Pollution Act) Products Ltd.

In the late 1990’s, Copa developed its own range of CSO (Combined Sewer Overflow) products.



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